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The goal of this project is to investigate the research collaboration networks emerging around cyberinfrastructure (CI) enabled repositories, the dynamics of those networks, and their impact on research collaboration, productivity, and knowledge diffusion. In particular, we are interested in investigating scientific research collaboration networks emerging around large data repositories that store, manage, preserve, and provide access to research data, and connect the data with related publications. It is important to investigate CI enabled research networks because they affect both the structure and scale of scientific collaboration (Szalay & Blakely, 2009).

This study will not only retain the traditionally publication-based data but also add data from associated datasets, patents, and funding, among others. This data-intensive approach to answering the research questions mentioned above will provide new insights into the formation and evolution of CI-enabled scientific research networks as well as new evidence, information, and tools to support science policy making and policy research.

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