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Jun Wang


Wang, a postdoctoral fellow from Northwestern University, comes to the iSchool, Syracuse University with a wide array of research interests ranging from intelligent computing and digital libraries to information visualization and computational neuroscience. His current research focuses on socially intelligent computing, specifically social tagging games. Wang studies how to design web applications to harness the collective wisdom of the vast Internet population through this method of categorizing data.

“Social tagging is becoming an important way to annotate, organize, and share information and knowledge,” Wang said. “The power of social tagging lies in its social effect of collective wisdom: the more devoted the participants, the more effective the tagging systems. My work is to study how to design tagging games or tools to maximize the user adoption and thus unlock the power of social tagging to its full potential.”

Wang is also interested in designing novel visualization tools to aid collaborative exploration and interpretation of various statistical data.

Wang was a recipient of the Natural Science Foundation of China Award in 1999. He is also the creator of the world’s most comprehensive online bibliography on language evolution and computation, Language Evolution and Computation Portal.
Wang is also the co-author of Citation-kNN, a machine learning algorithm that has been integrated into four open-source data mining software packages, including the award-winning software Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis (WEKA).

Job Title: 
Research Assistant Professor
Syracuse University School of Information Studies

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