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GenBank Timeline

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Genbank Timeline is showcase of the events, places, and dynamics of research networks derived from the metadata describing DNA/RNA sequences that are submitted to NCBI’s international data repository “Genbank.” The metadata contain information on coauthorship, taxonomic lineages, publications associated with the datasets, geographic locations of authors. In the time period (1983-2013) covered by this dataset, there were 175,889,683 DNA data annotations, covering 814,196 organisms, deposited in GenBank. The submissions included 688,737 direct submissions of data and 330,348 unique references to journal articles. After author named entity resolution, 545,345 unique authors were identified as having contributed to the community. The GenBank Timeline is an attempt to tie evolving collaboration networks of the international research community with external epidemiological and policy events as well as technical advances in genomics research.

April 2015

Qin, J., Costa, M., Bratt, S., Chen, Q., & Xiao, Y. (2015). Events, places, and dynamics of research networks: Mapping genetics research with an interactive timeline. To view description:; To view the timeline:

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